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Gracechurch Financial Crime Prevention specialise in the provision of advice, assurance, transformation & remediation and training services, exclusively in the Financial Crime Prevention domain.

The Challenges

In the last two decades there has been an unprecedented increase in the volume and complexity of Financial Crime related Regulation as Governments look to better protect society, financial markets and the individual from Financial Crime. 

As financial institutions have improved the effectiveness of their Financial Crime Prevention Control Frameworks; the money launderers, fraudsters, and the bad actors who are looking to facilitate terrorist funding or commit bribery, are also increasing in the frequency and sophistication of their crimes. 

For financial institutions the implications are clear; their Financial Crime Prevention Control Frameworks must continuously evolve, not just to be regulatory compliant, but also to be resilient to current and future financial crime threats. 

Our Ethos

We genuinely want to help our clients succeed in their fight against Financial Crime, and we believe the best way to fulfil that ambition is through the creation of trusted partnerships with our clients, and the provision of excellence in the Financial Crime related services that we offer.

We also believe we have a social and ethical responsibility to help equip the next generation of Financial Crime Prevention professionals.  Gracechurch prides itself on continued investment in the learning and development of all of our specialists. Making Gracechurch a great career choice for Financial Crime fighters.

Gracechurch will never inhibit or penalise the movement of our Financial Crime Prevention specialists to our client organisations at the completion of assignments. Rather, we view this as a legitimate method for clients to ensure the sustainability of their Financial Crime solutions, and for our Gracechurch colleagues to further their own careers.

Gracechurch for good

We are truly passionate about fighting Financial Crime as it is a modern-day plague, impacting individuals, financial markets and societies at large.  

Financial Crime in all its forms, Money Laundering, Fraud, Terrorist Funding and Bribery & Corruption, is not a victimless crime. Each and every one of us is affected, whether it be directly or indirectly.

Financial Institutions are on the front line of the fight against Financial Crime and it is for that reason that we at Gracechurch are proud to partner with financial institutions in the UK to help in the battle against all forms of Financial Crime.