Modus Operandi

Gracechurch provide a highly attractive, cost effective, safe and reliable alternative to the major consultancies, boutique consultancies, and to the UK contract market

At Gracechurch we recognise that there are times when it will be necessary for financial institutions
to secure specialist advice and guidance on Financial Crime matters.

We also recognise that there will be circumstances when these institutions will be required
to temporarily increase the capacity of their Financial Crime and other supporting, in-house functions

Highly Attractive

Our extensive industry experience evidences that Financial Crime challenges are best solved by people who genuinely care about the outcomes.

Cost Effective

Gracechurch has a lean infrastructure and no partner pyramid. We are therefore able to offer highly competitive pricing on all of our services.


Clients can utilise Gracechurch confident in the knowledge that they are free of any tax liability associated with HMRC’s Off-Payroll Working (formerly IR35) Legislation.


Our client teams are comprised of highly skilled, highly experienced professionals, with proven track records of success in their respective specialisms.

Tailored Solutions

Engagement Models

We work in partnership with our clients to determine the optimum engagement model based upon each client’s specific preferences. We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of engagement models; from the provision of skilled resources on a time and materials basis, through to the creation of holistic teams working on a fixed price / risk sharing basis.

Gracechurch Teams

Since the millennium, Gracechurch has witnessed an exponential expansion in the Financial Crime sector with a multitude of new products and service providers. However, the community of Financial Crime Prevention specialists in the UK with extensive experience and proven track records of success remains relatively limited.

Gracechurch enjoy long standing relationships with many of the Financial Crime professionals who helped the UK become a world leader in the fight against Financial Crime. As a direct result of this broad network we are able to rapidly deploy the very best Financial Crime Prevention specialists to meet specific client needs.

Our client teams comprise an appropriate blend of Gracechurch permanent staff and known, trusted associates. All our client teams are subject to continuous oversight from our Heads of Services.